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An Answered Prayer

Living in America we have access to excess. We have access to all we need and all we want.  I am not sure if it’s a cultural mindset or just my own, but the majority of the time I plan my course, and then ask God to guide me, to steer me away from making a wrong decision, and protect me from bad decisions. Working with Mercy International, God has made it clear that it’s not “us” creating something and then inviting God in to direct our steps. Rather, it’s God inviting us in and allowing us to see Him work. It has nothing to do with “us” and everything to do with Him.

Every year as I step foot on the plane that sends us off to Haiti it becomes more apparent that God is our great provider. From the teams that are formed to the work that is done, God controls all. In the past year I have seen Him work in a land that most consider hopeless. I have seen Him answer prayers and give abundantly more than we could ever imagine. I’ve watched as He’s brought support from likely and unlikely places;  And I have seen Him withhold needs and plans just to reveal it’s not His will because He has something better.

One year ago, we (as the board) prayed for a new pastor for the church in the village. We all had the same desire and we all had ideas on how to “get” this person who would help shepherd a people craving the goodness and hope found only in the Lord. God provided. He called us to pray and that’s what we did. He did the rest.

If you could sit and listen to this young pastor’s testimony…how he tried to reject God and live his life the way he wanted, but God continuously sought him out preparing his heart for Him. If you could hear how he was brought to a house that sits at the bottom of the hill right outside the village long before it was there- you would see. You would know that God planned this course long before we showed up. Long before we desired this.

Is it not God that places His desires within us? There’s no greater joy then when our longings are, not only fulfilled, but also from the Lord.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

-Proverbs 13:12