Fancy and Adventurous 

 Presley learned to ride her bike recently and Hope dresses up every day in ballet and dance gear. These two girls are filled with joy and are always playing together. The other day, Presley said,”mom thank you for giving me a sister. I would be so lonely and sad without her.” One of the things I so desperately wanted for Presley was to give her a sibling. My heart may have had fear about carrying another child, but my heart desperately wanted this for her. I am so glad that God provided this for her. They love each other! Hope’s saddest moment of the day is when she leaves for school and her happiest moment of the day is the moment we leave to pick presley up from school. She adores her big sister. They play well together but presley tends to be a little mother rather than a big sister. She has taught Hope to be a little bit more practical and fancier; and Hope has taught Presley to be a bit more adventurous and daring. It’s so much fun watching these two sisters grow up together!


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