Seeking His Will

June 6, 2015: 

God has shattered any pre-conceived notion that I have had about what His will is. I have prayed for opened doors, closed doors, road blocks, and easy paths. But wrapped in a prayer can be a laying out of my will enveloped in a sea of demands made by me. 
“Do this God, and I will know it’s your will and leading”

  “Allow for opened doors, and I will know the way to your will, God.” 

I have been on both sides of closed and opened doors; and the one thing I have learned is that neither one is a guarantee that God’s will for us is on either side of it. I have walked through open doors just to have them be closed later. I’ve detoured around closed doors just to be brought back around to the front again with a yearning to enter.

Opened doors do not always hold an open invitation to walk through them. 


Closed doors do not always shatter dreams and cast out a refusal to enter.

And so how can we really “know” where God is leading? What is His will? 
I have been lead to places and have had opportunities arise just to realize that God meant it as a stepping stone to a much bigger plan. 
God’s will does not always work the way we want…with a perfect formula or within a perfect script. 

I know of many times in my life where God’s will has been difficult to grasp…without a clear and open path to those desires of the heart. 

Sometimes it’s been as easy as a closed or open door, but most of the time it is not. 

For me, most of the time there are several detours, discouraging events along a hard fought road to doing to his will; living out his calling and purpose for my life.

I have found that when I throw out a statement “show me your will, God” after an opportunity has presented itself I feel more inclined to look for “signs” that I am doing His will. It is when I persevere through a commitment to walking in a daily relationship with Christ that I hear him more clearly. It is God that is doing the leading, the pruning, the guiding…way before an opportunity presents itself. 

God’s plan for us rises above our perception. 

Even in my own reasoning for what I think God’s will is, ultimately, His purpose is far beyond my insight or what I think His will is. 

His plans are so much bigger than I often think. Every written plan is for his purpose, His glory, in the big picture of forever…not the momentary life we live. 

May God guide you daily to knowing Him deeper so that when He does bring about an opportunity to walk in His will you might know it fully; without any hint of doubt. 


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