The Reality of Hope’s First Day of Pre-K 

Im rarely on time…for anything. And waking up early? Forget it! I’ve never been early for anything! I am either right on time or a few minutes late. I don’t think I had this problem before I had children…at least that’s what I like to tell myself. So, you can imagine, I was quite joyful when my personal alarm, Hope, came walking into my room at 6:15 this morning. I actually popped out of bed, felt rested and was ready to start the day. And it had nothing to do with the fact that she was starting school today 🙂 leaving me time to myself for 5 hours! Here’s what getting up early got me…time with my girls, time to get ready while my husband fed the girls, a huge cup of coffee, and time writing in my prayer journal. 

As 8:20 Approached I thought to myself, “I should leave early! It’ll give me an extra 10 minutes to myself today!” So, that’s what I did. I grabbed Hope, put on her shoes and locked her in her car seat. I looked at the clock when I got in the car and patted myself on the back 🙂 “8:23! Hmmm, that’ll put me at her school way too early. That’s ok, I’ll run an errand and stop at Walgreens.” We pulled into Walgreens where I realized I forgot to take her first day of school pictures! Doing it at school would totally throw her off so I thought to myself, “That’s ok, I’ll take them at Walgreens…no one will know.” So…I Sit my child down in front of rock wall… click, click, click… Pat myself on the back for the cute pictures, Walk THROUGH Walgreens and realize everyone is looking at my child? “She must look cute today!” I think. I Get to the register, take out my debit card, pick up my child….”HOPE!!!! WHERE ARE YOUR SHORTS!!?!!?!” At this point, I am really worried about myself… “I know I put shorts on her this morning! She held my hand through the store so I know she didn’t take them off. Did I actually put her in the car without her shorts on?!?” At this time, I look down at my phone and realize that it is 8:33! I check out, run through the parking lot, put Hope in the car, and head home to get her shorts. After all was said and done, I pulled into DKH parking lot at 9:02. Yep! Never early, ALWAYS late!!!! But I wouldn’t trade these days with my sweet Hopers for anything!   



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