The Food that Feeds

There is a great need in the village, greater than the food that feeds the body. There is a need for the food that feeds the Spirit, a need for a deeper knowledge of who Christ is. We spoke to the women of the village on 2 separate occasions, calling them to walk in the light of Jesus; reminding them that we are all made in the image of God and He has poured His mercy and grace upon us. We are expected, as women of God, to walk in that grace, extending mercy to those we call sisters in Christ. 
On our last day in Haiti, 40 women gathered in the church with their Bibles, ready to hear the Word of God preached. One of the women in the village, Esther, has been meeting with 3 other women during the week to study God’s Word. Jean helped set this bible study up during her June trip. We were very excited to attend the small bible study of 3 and listen to what Esther and the ladies had to share, but soon realized that the other women were a no show. We decided to reschedule her time for Monday, inviting every woman in the village to attend, and holding the study in the church.  On Monday, After returning from registering the kids at one of the schools, I walked inside the church thrilled to see 40+ women listening to Esther share God’s Word. The women clapped in cheer as Esther closed out the Bible Study. 

During this same time, 15 men sat underneath the Palapa up on the hill, gathering together to study God’s Word with Richard and Damas leading. 

These Bible Studies are things we all envisioned after our January trip. I find it amazing that while we were all discussing together who we thought would be good Godly leaders, 

what biblical curriculum we could use to help lead the villagers to a deeper knowledge of Christ; 

God was already preparing the way, going before us, 

working in the heart of His people….

and the curriculum? well, He already had a curriculum chosen…The Bible.

 I am always reminded that God goes before us preparing the way. Even If you don’t believe in God, if you graciously took a few moments to look back on your life, in all your honesty, you would see His hand of protection in many circumstances surrounding your life. It is undeniable that He goes before us, and He was clearly already at work long before we entered the village. 

There are many immediate needs within the village, and there are many immediate “wants” within the village. Placing value on one or the other is difficult at times. I know we would all love to give out every “need” and every “want” to help the villagers live a life where they aren’t fighting for their daily survival. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting immediate physical needs of the villagers, and immediate spiritual needs of the villagers. I truly believe that God goes before us, working in the heart of His people, preparing the way for the needs of the village. If you decide to donate towards one of the immediate needs in the village, make checks payable to mercy international noting it “immediate needs” or “general fund.”

I am also a firm believer in the power of prayer. We need your commitment of prayer for the women of the village. Specifically, that they would walk under the umbrella of God’s grace, knowing that they are a child of the one true king who has called them by name, loves them with an everlasting love, and has drawn them in loving kindness. (Jer. 31:3) We would love your commitment of prayer, specifically every Monday afternoon at 3:15 as the women in Village Merci de Dieu meet with Esther to hear God’s Word.  


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