Sweet Hopers is 3

Every day brings a battle of the wills with my sweet Hope. She can wrap me in her hugs, kisses, and high fives, and turn a bad day good. But she can also bring a moment filled with peace and turn it into the most exhausting task filled day. I don’t think I understood the fullness of motherhood and all its daunting days until she graced us with her presence. It is difficult at times and just plain hard work. There is a battle raging within her daily to be the most and do the most. She loves to swim and knows she can’t, but will carry on in a pool as if she does. They say a child is born with the flight or fight instinct. Hope is definitely one who has the instinct of fight in her. She can get herself out of almost any situation, and she usually holds it together through persistent effort. She enjoys life and has a heart to love others. She cares for them deeply and gives a grace filled hi to almost anyone. She is definitely one who has never met a stranger. Her outgoing attitude lends her to be a leader…she will lead a flock to good behavior or bad decisions, depending on her mood. I have seen her walk into a room with such bold statements and capture the hearts of those around her in minutes. She is a remembered soul…whether it’s for good reasons or bad ones.

She loves her sister and looks up to her… wants to be just like her. Presley adores her and I’m beyond thankful for the sweet, rule following heart she has because I imagine that when it comes time for the teenage years she will be the one that has more of an impact on Hope than we, as her parents, ever will. Presley will be Hope’s common sense, and Hope will bring a little bit of rebellion into Presley’s life.

I can not explain the amount of joy living in Hope’s heart. She is the type of person we all strive to be, happy. She leaves us questioning, “was she born happy or does she make a daily choice to be joyful”? She wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions run free. She has a look of fire that makes one wonder, “what did I ever do to her”?

When I think back to a few years ago, before she was here, and the amount of indecisiveness that plagued me. I’m amazed at God’s leading….how no matter where I turned, God placed in me a yearning and tugging in my heart that there was a little girl, yet to be born, who was meant to be a part of us. It was a difficult time. And the days of toddlerhood can still be difficult at times, but the joy she pours out into life outweighs all of the “hard.”

I envy her heart. I envy the love she has for others, her strong independent personality and even her stubborn, strong-willed mind. I have heard people tell me, “parent her right, and she is going to do something great!” I’m pretty sure God already has that one figured out 🙂 and I am confident that she will follow His leading.

She is confident and challenging, lovable and exhausting, driven and stubborn, dependent yet independent… She is a constant release of hope and that is why she is our sweet Hopers!


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