My Sweet Presley Girl…6 Years

 My sweet Presley just turned 6 years old. I feel like I am officially out of the “preschool” age with her. The newness of motherhood has slowly worn off and I’ve been quickly tossed into the season of the elementary child. The amount of recorded “firsts” are slowing decreasing; and I’m finding the days spent with her more enjoyable and easy. I love this age of 6, and I hold a special place in my heart for the years of a first grader. 

She is beginning to hold conversations with me that show the depth of her heart and soul. 

She is such a special little girl and I have seen her grow in compassion and care for others. 

She is shy, but also cares deeply for the brokenhearted and those she loves. 

The other day she mentioned to me that a little boy at the gym told her that “boys were prettier than girls, and girls were ugly.” She then told me that “he emptied her bucket and made her sad.” My response? “Well, did you tell him that he had an ugly heart for saying that?” She quickly chimed, “no mom, that would have emptied his bucket too.” 

She is very concerned with what others think of her. 

She doesn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings and she’s very careful to treat others with fairness. 

She enjoys school and loves her friends…adores them really. 


She finds pleasure in the simple things and lives life to the fullest. 

She loves reading, tea parties, rock climbing, art, and music. 

This is the first year that I’ve seen her become more aware of her surroundings and social acceptance. 

She isn’t one who likes to stand out in a crowd. 

She used to get so excited when given a gift. She would rip off the paper, dance with joy, and be so appreciative of the gift given to her. I saw a change in that this year. She is still very appreciative of gifts, but long gone are the days of carefree joy displayed for all to see. She is much more reserved in her emotions when she is not in the comfort and safety of her home.   The bond between Presley and Hope runs deep…a bond that not even a mother can penetrate. It’s hard, but it’s special…and it brings me to tears sometimes because a huge part of my decision to conceive again was the tugging in my heart that said, “do this for Presley.” 

She has grown so much in confidence this past year and I know that being a big sister to Hope has shaped that confidence. I truly believe that The Lord has big plans for the bond these two little girls share and I am blessed to watch it grow. 

Words can not express how much I love my Sweet Presley Girl! She is my heart 🙂   



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