An Army of Seamstresses 


made with love:Patricia Thompson

On recent visits to Haiti, several basic necessities came to our attention in the Merci’ de Dieu (“Thanks to God”) Village. The biggest eye-opener being the problem the female students face each month when they experience their menstrual periods.  The girls miss, on average, 45 days of school due to their menstrual cycle.  The reason?  They cannot afford to buy feminine pads so they stay home during this time adding to the risk of infection due to poor hygiene.  A wonderful lady named Pam Macke from Mission Possible was introduced to us in the airport as we were leaving Haiti and had the solution to the problem.

Reusable feminine hygiene pads!  Brilliant idea!

 There are approximately 133 females in the village that are within the age category for needing these supplies. That’s roughly 1500 feminine hygiene pads! One can see how BIG of a project this is, but not for God!

Our goal is to find 75 seamstresses!  If each seamstress made 20 feminine hygiene pads then that would give us the 1500 we need for our July 2015 trip! Let’s watch in great expectation as to how this will play out!  I am pretty sure God already has His army of seamstresses picked out!  ☺️ -Jean Axtell

Pattern and Instructions listed below!  

Completed Feminine Hygiene Pads can be sent to the following address: 

Hearts for Hygiene- Haiti 

930 Briar Grove Ct. 

Copper Canyon, Texas 75077

Materials Needed: 

1 yard lightweight flannel fabric (easily provides for 10 pads)

1/2 yard low loft cotton quilt batting

Size 14 Needle (Denim) 

1 pad pattern found at  

Feminine Hygiene Pad Instuctions: 

(Credit given to- with more detailed instructions at

1- Download “pad pattern” from   and trace onto lightweight cardboard. (Poster or file folders work great). 

2-Iron Fabric and fold it in half. Trace pattern template onto fabric using a pen or sharpie.

3-Cut fabric with sharp scissors. Set aside.

made with love: Jean Axtell

4-Fold batting in half. Trace “lining pattern” onto batting. Cut 4 pieces for each pad. 

5-Center 2 layers of cotton batting on wrong side of flannel, pin in place.

6-Straight stitch around the edge of cotton batting using a size 14 (Denim) needle. Back stitch to secure seam.  Repeat stitching on second flannel piece. 

7-Trim edges so they are uniform, if needed. Pin together two flannel layers right side out, matching edges. 

8- Use an overcast or zigzag stitch to finish the edge of fabric. The suggested stitch length is 1.5 x width 5.0. Backstitch to secure seam.


9- Stitch 2 lines down the center of the pad about 1″ apart. Backstitch to secure. Masking tape is used in the photo to create. Stitching guideline. 

10-Place a snap or Velcro fastener on each “wing” (optional) 

made with love: Joyce Axtell

made with love: Joyce Axtell


One thought on “An Army of Seamstresses 

  1. Kassie

    Thank you for the great tutorial! I am going to ask my mom’s group to help me cut out all of the pieces and then I will sew them up.


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