How Is A World Without God?

richard final

Why would I want to worship a God who brings about war, tragedy, death, and pain?

Richard Chery, a young man living in Village Merci’ de Dieu in Haiti, has every reason to ask this question.  However, rather than question God’s goodness he stands firm and boldly asks, “How is a world without God?”

Joey and I have become friends with Richard over the past few months and he is a delight to know. He recently shared a writing from his English class with Joey and it brought tears to my eyes. Here is a young man who gives God the glory despite his circumstances. He has been through much more than I could ever imagine and finds his joy in the Lord. In a world where we question God’s goodness because of daily interruptions and difficult circumstances, Richard steps out in faith and stands in assurance claiming, “God and His Son are wonderful with an everlasting love.”

Richard’s words are precious and a great reminder for this time of year. He has given me permission to share His words…

How is a world without God?

Everyday in the newspapers you read: war, crime, suicide…sometimes I am afraid, sometimes sad, and I said to in my mind, “why the people don’t want to follow God and His Son Jesus Christ? In spite of a lot of them all know and see the world is at the end and believe that God is the way to joy, happiness, and security”   Why are they crazy, they are looking for money, honor, power, and forget God? Ladies lose her values, love is difficult to find. When I look at the world, you know what I see? I see a world lost because the people in it forget God. I want to be ready everyday because Jesus is coming and if you continue to read, know that God loves you. Please don’t follow the world otherwise you will be lost too! Money, honor, power is vanity; but God and His Son are wonderful with an everlasting love…share it!           -Richard Chery – December 2014


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