My Animated Presley

If my friends from high school knew my daughter as well as they know me then there would be no doubt in my mind that they would wonder how this child could be mine. She is everything I am not…except she worries. A lot. About everything. So, at least she got those “good genes” of mine. She is animated, creative, and imaginative. Everything is done with such love and commitment. She is quite bossy and a little “mother” She loves her cousins, but she tells every single one of them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. She adores Hope and I have yet to see her get angry at her. She loves her as if she were her own…literally. Presley loves to act things out and play “make believe.” She is quite the little drama queen. On this particular day she was explaining to me how to plant and grow corn??? I have no idea where she got this from or how she came up with it, but she was quite certain that she had come up with a new system of growing crops. I had been outside taking pictures of Hope for her 17 month photos and I am so glad that I had my camera on hand. If only I had the video! I captured Presley in still frames explaining her process of growing corn. She was so bossy and repeatedly scolded me….and Hope. Here’s the reality of her facial expressions when she gets into that “mothering mood” It should not be surprising to anyone that she is already claiming she is going to be a teacher when she gets older.


You drop the corn seeds in the ground and…




you have to remember….


but if you forget….


so…. where was I?


hmmm… oh yes






you have to remember….


when the rain comes down…


…and everything swirls around


you have to wait….


but iffff…..


and then a WHOLE lot of corn will grow…


Hope? Are you listening….




and that is how you grow corn…


but you have to FOLLOW my instructions…ok, mommy?


2 thoughts on “My Animated Presley

  1. Karin

    Okay, so she may be opposite of you in some ways, but these pictures with these facial expressions are YOU, spot on!!!!!!


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