Not Your Typical “Facebook” Christmas


Christmas was broken up into 3 weekends this year. The first weekend we had Christmas with Joey’s side of the family. Christmas day we headed to my dad’s house in Copper Canyon and spent the afternoon with my sister Elizabeth and her family. It was nice to be able to stay home and in town this year. Christmas morning we woke up to a very sick little dog. Goose had a muscle spasm in his back that kept him from moving. So, our morning was a bit hectic as we had to take him to the emergency vet. He was given a steroid shot, pain medication, and a muscle relaxer so he was feeling much better by late afternoon! Who wouldn’t? Ha! I was so very thankful for my husband this Christmas because he spoiled me and bought me a Blendtec Blender….something I have been asking for about 3 years. I have used it almost every day! I LOVE it!!!! For our 3rd and final Christmas celebration we headed over to my dad’s house again the weekend after New Year’s Day for our “Axtell” gift exchange between all of the kids and grandkids.

Here’s the reality of our Christmas Morning….


A Very sick Goose waiting to go to the vet


Not exactly the “pancake” breakfast I had originally planned. Sorry girls, here’s a bowl of cheerios without the milk.


Presley waiting for her stocking


Presley’s stocking from Pottery Barn that I got on sale about 3 days before Christmas…the hanging tag on it came damaged so it didn’t hang ;o)


I filled her stocking with stuffed animals…of course, the ONLY stuffed animal she clung to was the one I put in Presley’s stocking.


daddy and Hope


Calico Critter addition….best investment yet.


Miniature My Little Pony Set. The only gift Presley desperately wanted….I was sure she didn’t really want this set as they were figurines ;o) so I waited thinking she would change her mind. Nope, she never did….I waited too long to get it and they were sold out in every toy store across Texas…even Amazon. I had to get something a little different which she was excited about at first, but it followed quickly with “this is not the pony collection I wanted”


Daddy’s new shoes…he bought them, wrapped them and put them under the tree.


The only thing Hope liked about her only present was the fact the she could sit in it

Christmas at my Dad’s House in Copper Canyon









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