October Goods


It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin Patch time. Presley’s most favorite time of the year. Ever since she was little, Presley has adored going to the pumpkin patch. I find it quite amusing since I don’t think I had ever actually been to a pumpkin patch until she was born.

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 When I was little we celebrated Halloween, but not every year….just when we felt like it. 😉 Or when we could find something in my mom’s closet to dress up in. 🙂 Presley loves fall and everything about it. She knew what she wanted to be for Halloween before I even mentioned the word “dress up”  She is all girl….all of the time! She told us she wanted to be the “yellow princess” which I finally figured out was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Funny, I had a lion costume I picked up a few years ago at a swap and exchange at Mops. So, guess who got to be the little beast? Sweet little Hope. She was a little cranky come Halloween because the day before she spent the evening throwing up…which I think we have concluded that she has a milk allergy.

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