Strengthening Our Faith Through Doubt

“For God to strengthen our faith, He must allow us to find cause to doubt.” -Beth Moore

I read this today as I was reading through a Beth Moore study and I love it! How many times do I beat myself up for praying about something and then doubting He will provide, He will protect, He will heal. I find that when I pray about things and don’t see an immediate answer I begin to doubt. I stand in one place looking for God’s answer and as soon as things start to look bare or my circumstances appear worse than before I begin to doubt. I take my eyes of him and let my doubts run free. I begin to look inward and focus on myself. I begin to think to myself, “man, God really needs my help on this one.” I start to depend more on me and less on Him. I realize that my doubts show up even bigger when I lose sight of His faithfulness. It’s no secret that I have the tendency to focus on my doubts… losing sight of what God wants to show me or teach me. I cycle in and out of guilt and shame because I consume my thoughts with doubt. What it all comes down to is lack of trust in the One true God who is….Faithfulness. I have to start every morning with the Lord, or Satan will undoubtedly get a foothold on my thoughts…consuming me with doubt that eventually leads to fear. For me, that’s a dangerous place to be.

But, what if I “let go, and let God”

I let go of the shame that follows my doubts.

I let God take those doubts and refine them…building my faith in the process.

Maybe He allows those doubts to show me, once again, that circumstances are never too big a hurdle for Him. He loves me so much that He wants to show himself bigger than I could ever imagine.

Maybe He uses my doubts as a window into my weaknesses, my sins, and my pride…..making me aware of them so that I might be healed fully in Him….strengthening my faith in Him.

For it’s not my faithfulness but His….

“for His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” -Psalm 91:4b

And what a comfort that is 🙂


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