11 Months and Still Full of Smiles

_DSC0078My sweet Hope,
This 11th month is flying by and so are you! You are all.over.the.place. You are full of energy and still full of smiles. I love it! This month I’ve been giving you a lot more whole foods. I still have a fear of babies choking, but I am not near as bad as I was with Presley. You still don’t have any teeth yet, which doesn’t help. I feel like you have been teething since you came out of the womb! You are definitely an easy one. You love food…anything and everything. I am so thankful that you are not a picky one..yet.  I went ahead and started you on whole milk at the beginning of the month…no sense in buying another month’s worth of formula ;o) I was a rule follower with Presley, but not with you. I am a much more laid back mama. This week you started standing on your own without support and you are thinking about taking steps. You continue to get into everything, climb things, crawl under stuff, and do pretty much anything that you aren’t supposed to. You have learned the meaning of the word “no” and have made it known in your screams that you aren’t a fan of the tiny word. You protest when things are taken from you or when you are removed from a situation. You liked to be held, but still don’t have separation issues….as long as people are around, you are good. I continue to do play pen time with you because sometimes mommy needs a little break ;o) You aren’t keen on the idea of being confined to one space, but you are getting used to it. One more month and you will be a year old. I have very mixed feelings about this and find myself sad and thrilled all in one breath. Enjoying every single second of you!


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