10 Months


if there’s a door- it’s meant to be opened

if there’s a barrier- it’s meant to broken

if there’s a toilet- it’s meant to be splashed in

if there’s a bathtub- it’s meant to be played in

if there’s a gate- it’s meant to be opened…or climbed

And if there is something on the ground it’s meant to be eaten….quickly!

Hope, There’s just not a lot of things that I can do to prevent you from getting into that which you deem “meant to be gotten into.” I try not to compare you and your sister, but I just can’t help it sometimes.  I was so humbly reminded of my lack of parenting skills the other day when you choked…not one time, not two times, but 3 times in ONE day. Presley choked ONCE when learning to move around and walk. She was always very observant, rarely putting anything into her mouth. She would always look at the item she found and so I always had time to get it out of her hands before she put it into her mouth. You? Not so much. You see something on the ground? It’s immediately picked up and plopped into your mouth. I shouldn’t be surprised since you love to eat…just like your cousin Grant. You eat anything and everything I put in front of you. Not a picky eater like your sister (my fault, of course). Presley is quite dainty, but I’ve always chalked it up to her just being a girl. However, you changed my mind of that the other day when I set a handful of cheerios in front of you. Instead of you politely picking one up at a time and placing it so gently into your mouth ;o) YOU slammed your hand down, grabbed a fist full, and jammed them all into your mouth.  *sigh*

The toilet? Never an issue with Presley. You? A huge issue. I didn’t even know you knew there was anything exciting about a toilet. I used to mock and laugh at parents who took pictures of their kids playing in the toilet and then complained about it on social media….wondering how they had time to grab a camera???? and why the heck don’t they just close the lid of the toilet (apparently, the lid of a toilet is useless when you have a determined baby eager to see what is inside)  I hung my head in despair when I found myself in the same exact position…doing the same EXACT thing. I was getting ready for the day when I heard water rustling ;o) AS I turned to see what it was I saw you and heard you splashing in the toilet (which was not flushed by the way) with a piece of toilet paper (used, out of the trash can) hanging from your mouth.

You keep me on my toes, little one!  You are adventurous, happy, goofy, driven, and strong-willed. You have a determined heard and a persevering spirit. It is beyond exciting to see these things in you.


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