In Our Garden This Year


I am by NO means a gardener…of any kind, but moving into this house has helped me to try it out. Surprisingly, it’s much easier than I thought. I came to discover this last year when I first took a stab at growing peppers, strawberries, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and herbs. Everything pretty much grew itself. Well, everything except lettuce and strawberries. But, everything else was easy peasy ;o) I know this because I was off my feet all summer long with my pregnancy and did absolutely nothing to maintain the garden. I had done a few things prior that probably helped a little, but most of it grew itself with very little maintenance on my part. When I moved into this house the previous owners already had two compost bins and two raised beds so this made it very easy for me to start off.


my garden made salad…except the lettuce ;o)

This year we are growing cherry tomatoes, fat tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, peppers of every kind, strawberries, and green beans.There are things I am learning along the way…probably things I should have already known, but just never took into account….like, the fact that my pickled cucumbers will soon take over one of the raised beds soon. :o)


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