Presley’s 4th Birthday


Presley’s birthday was so much fun. She had been talking about it for months leading up to the day of. I didn’t even tell her it was her birthday until the morning of…after we decorated her room with tons of balloons. She was thrilled to have all of her cousins over for her party.  I am pretty sure she is telling everyone whose birthday it is and to get in the picture …*sigh*


One thing about Presley is that no matter what you get her, she thinks it’s the most wonderful present in the world. She is very much like her dad in that she shows her emotions. Here are the wonderful faces of Presley….

34 37 38 39






Presley had a great day and loves being 4! She asks me everyday if April is here yet so she can turn 5. She’s already making her birthday list….reminds of a little sister I know ;o)


It’s not a party without Hello Kitty…

and a game of “pass the baby”  ;o)




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