8 Months and Crawling


Hope, Another month has come and gone. I love seeing your little personality grow with each passing week….just when I think I have you figured out everything changes …especially with each new milestone you meet. You are a busy one. Much more active than your big sister ever was. I have to strap you down to the changing pad and give you something to hold in your hands just to get a diaper on you….and if the diaper’s not on within a few seconds then forget it! I had to buy one size bigger in your diapers just to have room to slip it on you quickly! You have almost fallen off the changing table more times than I can count….even when I lock you in! I’ve never seen anything like it.

You have been going from the laying down position to the sitting position since Mid- March; and  I was beginning to think that you were going to skip crawling all together and go straight to walking! However, you are crawling all over the place as of Tuesday, April 2nd. You are a very strong little girl. You have been trying to spider crawl for the past month and you are just about there.  A few days after you started crawling, you started pulling yourself up on the furniture. Having two mobile children is complete craziness. I turn around for a few seconds and you are gone! Out of sight!

You are still very smiley, very happy and always laughing.  I love it! I also love to see you interact with your big sister. You two love each other so much and it’s a wonderful thing to see at such a young age. Presley tells me every day “I love her, mommy” ….sweet, sweet sound to my ears. Love you so much little Miss Hope Abby ;o)


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