Ballet, Piano, & Books


This little girl will be 4 years old next month! It is so hard to think about how time flies! I have tried so hard to slow down my days just so that I can enjoy these days with my girls. Presley has become very imaginative. She pretend plays all of the time and always wants me to play with her. She loves to play “hide and seek”, “princess”, and “store.” She has a play cash register so she likes to set up different stores in her room during room time and then have me come in to “buy” things. In fact, I just got done buying books from her book store.


Presley is interested in learning new things. She has asked me for ballet lessons, to teach her to play the piano, and to read. We started off with ballet lessons this past January and she absolutely loves it…which is amazing since it certainly doesn’t look fun to me. ;-). She is not ready to learn to play the piano yet, but I have taught her a few things because she asks me every day for a piano lesson….her little fingers just aren’t able to form to the piano quite yet. I started reading with her quite a while back, but I just didn’t feel she was ready. However, within the past month, I have seen her desire to read grow… and her skills.  So, I have started doing “guided reading” time with her and she is doing surprisingly well with it. She loves it and is beginning to blend and read words on her own. My passion has always been teaching children to read, and I love to see her blossom and grow as a confident reader.


Presley is a little mother. She is very protective of Hope and seems to think that she always knows what’s best for her. I have to remind her often that I am still Hope’s mommy. Hope gets into Presley’s things all of the time and she rarely gets upset. She just mothers her and takes the toys away politely. Hope is just beginning to protest and cry when things are taken away from her, but Presley has discovered that if she exchanges one toy for another that Hope will not fuss about it. It is such a blessing to watch these two interact….3 1/2 years apart has ended up being such a perfect age difference for our family. Blessing in disguise. ;o)



One thought on “Ballet, Piano, & Books

  1. Karin Larsen

    God’s timing is amazingly perfect, even when we don’t see always see it. What a beautiful relationship these two are forming!


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