7 Months and Growing Fast


Hope, you are busy, busy, busy! I love it, but am a little nervous about what it will be like when you start walking. You started getting into the crawling position right at 6 and half months and you are well on your way. Yesterday you crawled two spaces and I think you are feeling ready to take off. You can sit up on your own for a few minutes at a time, but you would much rather be on your stomach rolling around and practicing your crawling.


Just this week you have begun to “get into” your sister’s things. She doesn’t mind too much….yet :o) and when she does she will usually swap out “her” toy from your hand and give you something different to play with.


You are a very smiley baby. You laugh a lot and smile more. People are constantly asking me if you are always this happy. My reply is always, “pretty much.” You do have a little bit of a temper….I think??? When you are hungry or want to be held you make it known. If you have to wait for your food or you are put down before you are ready you tend to escalate quickly into a screaming cry. Your hair??? now that deserves a post all on its own, but it makes me laugh every time I see it.


You are discovering your voice….blowing raspberries, squealing, and doing lots of grunting. Presley was very vocal with her “ah-goos” from a very early age so I started getting nervous when the only sounds you were making were grunts and squeals. However, your daddy spent one evening repeating the word “da-da” about a thousand times and so you now say “da”….of course….’sigh’

_DSC0031 You sleep well through the night from 6-7:30. Your first nap is at 10 and you sleep until 12. Your afternoon nap is usually 2:30-3:30. Presley is home in the afternoons and I think you just want to be up and about with her. You eat…..a lot. AND….we’ll just leave it at that!


I am having hard time with you growing up so fast. I think I cry every time I retire a set of your toys or clothing size. However, I love watching your personality develop as you grow. I haven’t seen anything too different in our personality from when you were a baby….always a good thing. ;o)  You are such a joyous baby and a social bug. You are my little brown eyed girl and I love you dearly. What a wonderful blessing you are to our family.


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