Presley’s Search for a Prince


The last night we were in Colorado Presley was entertaining everyone with her talk of finding a Prince. After her bath she dressed up in her white bath towel and proceeded to tell Grandma and Grandpa that she was a princess who was in search for her prince that “looked just like the one on the book” sitting on the coffee table. The “prince on the book” she was referring to was my Grandpa. lol. It was a picture of my Grandma and him when they were young…very young.


She danced around in her towel made dress…which she claimed looked “just like my wedding dress.” *sigh*  and told us that she was going to “find her prince at the airport tomorrow.” Oh what fun it is to hear this child’s imagination. Although, she was quite upset the next day when she couldn’t “find one.” But that’s ok because according to my Grandma you just need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince…… now I’m just waiting for the day when I walk out into the garden and see my 4 year old daughter kissing a frog..or two. GRANDMA!!!!!



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