6 Months Old


Hope, you just turned 6 months old and I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I am trying to savor every moment as best I can because you will be our last baby. With Presley, I was always looking forward to the “next step”…the next stage of life. With you, I am a little sad watching you move forward. You are definitely a “go-getter” and I see that you are wanting to do more…just like your big sister, Presley. I have such a difficult time letting go of the baby stage, but I am also looking forward to watching you grow. You are still very content and very happy. I don’t just say this because you are my baby, but I really haven’t ever seen a baby smile as much as you do. I hear the same from complete strangers who easily get a smile from you. I am not sure if it’s just your disposition or if you are just responding a smile with a smile. But, whatever it is, I like it.

You are doing lots of new things these days….rolling from one side of the room to the other, sitting up for short periods of time, eating baby food, rice cereal, and attempting to crawl. You love sweet peas, sweet potatoes, and bananas. You are not a fan of green beans or apples….which were Presley’s favorites. You love to take baths and I am already sitting you up in the big girl tub. You love to take a bath with your sister and play with all of her toys. I am looking forward to the summer when you will be able to get into the pool with us. I think you will love it! You are still sleeping well, but you are not a long napper like your sister was. You take a 2 hour nap in the morning and an hour and 15 minute nap in the afternoon. You usually sleep from 7 at night to 7 in the morning. You are an easy baby and you and your sister are such a joy to us. Love you two dearly.


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