Christmas in San Antonio

_DSC0235We spent Christmas in San Antonio this year and it was wonderful. It was, again, a very crowded and busy Christmas because all of the family was together. My dad is retiring at the end of this year and will be moving to the Dallas area this summer so it was our last Christmas in San Antonio.  I always have mixed feelings when I visit San Antonio. I don’t visit often because I can rarely drive down a road without thinking about my mom…or have a distant memory “pop” into my mind. I don’t think I completely healed from the wounds my heart housed until I left San Antonio in 2003. I left the city a broken person, but God was faithful to bind my bleeding heart during my transition to Dallas. I have come to love this town and the memories I have built. It is “my home” now and I will probably consider it that way for the rest of my life.


This year was the first year that Presley “got” Christmas. She had a mind of her own. She knew what she wanted for Christmas and would tell me often, “Mommy, I want EVERYthing.” We had a little talk about the meaning of Christmas and baby Jesus. I explained to her that He is our everything. She talked about Santa a little, but she really isn’t much of a fan of him. I am not one to push Santa onto my girls, but I’m also not one to think he is of the devil…lol. It is what it is…if she believes in him then great, if not, then that’s great too. Like I said, she isn’t a fan of him anyways so I don’t know if I could convince her he’s a jolly old man with that scary white beard of his.

presley caddie

We bought a big gift for Presley this year and that was pretty much all she got from us. However, she has very giving Aunts and Grandparents. We bought her a princess car and she was very excited about it. Joey wanted to say it was from Santa Clause, but I asked him one simple question…”Do you really want her thinking Santa brought her that big beautiful princess car? Or do you want her to know that her daddy works hard every day so that he can buy her special gifts once in awhile…what happens when we are unable to buy her things one Christmas and she says ‘that’s ok, Santa can buy it’.?” I think we know his answer.


I wanted Presley to know that not everyone is able to have Christmas, and some little boys and girls wouldn’t even have food on Christmas day. We decided to take her to the Angel Tree this year and let her pick out an angel to adopt. The little girl she chose was her age and her name was Juliana. We explained the reason for buying Juliana gifts and let her pick out all of the gifts. We also prayed for her and drew her a picture.


While we were in San Antonio Presley played in the yard with her cousin Charlie and his little sister Mae. She is such a little mommy and loves babies. Can I just say, Charlie boy can swing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toddler hit a ball like that. I was quite impressed!

Presley’s swing….well, at least the bat hit the ball.


Charlie’s swing….well, at least it didn’t go over the fence….this time, anyway.



Christmas Eve we went to my home church, Northeast Bible Church, in Garden Ridge. It was so great seeing old faces….especially my sweet Elaine and her family. Later that night we had Bill Miller’s Bar B Que and then let the kids open up their one gift from their gift exchange.


pajama cousins

Later that evening, Sara and Brian had all of us play a game that involved opening up gifts with mittens…long story, but provided lots of laughs and memories.


Christmas morning we woke up and opened gifts with Grandpa, Nana Jean, and Sara’s family. We had a late lunch/early dinner and it was SOOO delicious!!!!



It was a perfect Christmas week and when we got home the day after Christmas we were able to play in the snow left over from Christmas…this was our 2nd White Christmas we’ve had in Dallas since moving. The first one was right after Presley was born in 2009…I see a pattern ;o)


_DSC0255 _DSC0285 _DSC0306


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