Freedom in Faith

There is great freedom found in knowing Jesus as your personal Savior. I have experienced this quite often in the past several years….not just the freedom found in His grace, mercy and love; but the freedom found in the things I have struggled with throughout the years that He has released me from. In a world, where now days, the term “Christian” seems to apply to anyone who has a belief or a religion. We have created denominational walls that cause strife amongst believers. I realized, fairly quickly, after my mom died that she was not standing before the Lord because of her religion or her church. Being a part of the Evangelical Free Church most of her life is not what set her free from sin, and it’s certainly not what set her feet on streets of gold after she passed away. It wasn’t her religion, her church, or her works that saved her. It was her faith. A faith that was accepted with a child like mind. She believed in spite of never being able to answer all of the “hows and whys” of this life.

I keep hearing this phrase and heard it just the other day, “I don’t have enough faith to believe in God.”  But yet, you have enough faith not to believe in Him? I believe it’s not about the amount of faith, or lack of, that keeps us from believing. It’s our prideful hearts. Pride keeps us from believing, and pride keeps us from faith. As humans, we seem to believe that our minds are superior to anything or anyone. I think it’s hard for us to humble ourselves enough to say “Jesus is Lord” because of our pride, not because of our lack of faith.( I think this is why Jesus said in Matthew 17, “…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed…you can move mountains… Nothing will be impossible for you.”)   If we don’t believe…we either make excuses as to why we don’t, or can’t; or we believe with stipulations by changing and molding God’s Word to suit our needs. We change it to something that we can understand; something that makes better sense to us rather than just believing out of faith what is already written. But, if we, if I step out of my prideful heart for just a few minutes and stand before the Lord in complete humility with just myself and Him then I know that He can- and will reveal Himself to me through His Word. I many not understand all of the whys or all of the hows, but I will grow in the knowledge of Him.

As born again believers, I think the hardest thing to understand and to explain to non-believers is the Trinity. That God is three in one…God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I have a dear friend who desires to believe, but can’t because she finds the Trinity too difficult to grasp….her mind can’t grasp it or explain it so she scrambles to make God out to be more “realistic”…something more attainable, something she can understand. A friend of mine said something during our Bible Study (thanks Anna) that really struck me…and has stuck with me since she said it more than a year ago. She said, “we aren’t supposed to understand everything about God. And quite frankly, I don’t want to.  I don’t want a God that I can understand. I want a God who is bigger that that. Who is bigger than me and my mind…and what I can fully understand. There’s something wrong if I know everything there is to know about God and who He is.”  What a humbling statement. What a faith filled statement. How many times throughout the day do I question God? What He’s doing? How many times do I mold Him into something that suits my needs… all for the sake of being able to understand or wrap my mind around something that seems unfair. My prideful heart. Knowing Christ as my personal Savior has freed me….it has freed me of my fear, my fear of the unknown, my fear of not being able to answer all of the hows and whys of this life. I walk in freedom, not because of my belief about Jesus, but because of my belief IN Jesus. I read just the other day…Jesus felt we were worth dying for…isn’t He worth living for?


One thought on “Freedom in Faith

  1. Katie

    Beautiful post! Time and time again, when I’ve been wrestling with something that doesn’t make sense to me, I just have to remember that His way are not our ways, and that He is above what feeble logic I have. Thank you for reminding me again how important faith is!


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