Texas State Fair 2012

Last month Joey took the day off from work to spend a day with us at the Texas State Fair. It was a great time, but also exhausting. We took both Presley and Hope with us so I felt a little overwhelmed at times. It’s funny how laid back I am this time around as a mom. Lol. Presley was born during the swine flu epidemic so I don’t think we went anywhere for 3 months. In fact, my first time out of the house with Presley was 2 weeks after she was born when my friend Karin came to visit and pretty much forced me out! My outing? I think it was a walk around the block. Lol. So, taking Hope to the dirtiest place of all, The Texas State Fair, was surprising to everyone! We visited the fair the last weekend it ran and so it was pretty busy. It was also the day that Big Tex, may he rest in peace, burnt down; one of the rides got stuck in midair for 2 hours; and a humongous bird attacked a gentleman at the bird show we were at….not sure we were attending the fair on it’s best day! Ha!  Here are a few pictures from our special day! Presley loved playing with the farm equipment, reading the map, looking at the animals, and playing with her cousins! 


One thought on “Texas State Fair 2012

  1. Karin Larsen

    🙂 Such fun!!! And yes, I’ve found this to be true of almost every mother I’ve met – much more laid back on the 2nd and subsequent children! Ha!


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