3 Months Old: My Little Smiling Baby

So sorry for all of the posts today….trying to play catch up!  Oh my goodness, Hope! You are such a joy to have in our family! You might be the happiest and most content baby I have ever met. Seriously, you have a smile planted on your face…..permanently! I’ve never seen a baby smile as much as you do. And what’s so great about it is that you are not selfish or particular about who you think should get one….you share your smile with everyone! Presley was a very good, very easy, and very content baby, but I had to keep her on a rigid schedule to keep her that way. You are content in almost every and any situation. As your great uncle says, “that baby just ain’t right, she’s too good” I keep thinking you are outgoing, but you rarely make a noise. So, perhaps you are a happy shy one. Your Grandma Vickie used to tell me that she would have to put a mirror under my nose at times when I was a baby just to see if I was still breathing because I rarely cried or made a peep….I kind of feel like you might be the same way. But, Who knows, only time will tell 🙂 On another note, I’ve only heard you laugh a few times… I just can’t seem to get you to laugh at me 🙂 I guess im just not that funny to a three month old. 🙂

You are still being swaddled, taking great naps, eating about 26 ounces a day, and sleeping 11-12 hours at night. Your first feeding of the day is between 7:30-8:00, and your last feeding is around 8. We dropped your dream feed because you just weren’t interested in eating after 8, and you seem to be eating enough during the day. I stopped breast feeding a few weeks ago and you’ve done just fine. However, sometimes you get picky about who feeds you….you seem to prefer me. But, who can blame you?  I am a joy to look at these days. A-ha! 😉 I just love you, my Little Lamb! You are the S in my smile and the J to my JOY 🙂


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