Hope Turns 2 Months Old

My precious Hope is 2 months old and I’m already feeling like time is flying by way too fast. She is doing great sleeping through the night. I put her down around 6:00 and Joey does a dream feed around 9:30. Then, she sleeps until 6:00….sometimes I can get her to sleep until 7-7:30. She hasn’t been the best napper, but I’ve been working really hard at sleep training her. She naps well in the mornings, but her afternoon naps usually only last about an hour to and hour and 15 minutes. This should get better as her awake time gets longer, and the number of naps decreases from 4 to 3. People used to tell me what a great baby Presley was…and she was ;o)….but I’m also being reminded of how much time and effort I put in to get her that way.

Hope’s little personality is so sweet and a lot like Presley’s. She loves to give smiles, and coo. She is very social. She loves to be around people and where all the action is…unlike Presley girl. It’s also funny that loud noises don’t phase Hope. She looks around in excitement to see what all the noise and fuss is about rather than cry.

Hope loves to eat. lol. She is definitely not short a meal- as Joey would say. She is 75th percentile across the board. She is already out of her newborn clothes and she fits very comfortably in her 0-3 month old clothing. We are down to 6 feedings a day and working on cutting out that 9:30 dream feed. We are having so much fun with little Miss Hope and lover her so much!!!!


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