6 Weeks and the Joy of Hope

“It’s this truth that leads me beyond the fear and into the desire to have another child. I rest my head in peace at night with thoughts of this child and know without any uncertainty that she. will. be. I have absolute joy about this! The hope and joy I feel wipes out my fear and leads me to faith in what God is doing” -Aug.2, 2011

Little Miss Hope Abby, little did I know that you would be in my arms a little over a year after writing those words above in my prayer journal. I knew, that day, you would be with us, but I had no idea when God would show us our little blessing.  You are just as sweet as can be. You are a very laid back and “go with the flow” type of gal. You aren’t one to wait around 🙂 so you can escalate fairly quickly into a very loud screaming baby. Thankfully, this only happens when you are hungry. The first couple of weeks with you were a bit difficult for me. I had a hard time differentiating your cries. Presley was very predictable and very easy. She came home sleeping 5 hours through the night. You came home sleeping 3 1/2 hours through the night….goodness no! Once I started supplementing 2 feedings a day with formula you turned into a perfect angel.

You aren’t much of a napper like your sister was, but that might change over time…hopefully? However, you did start sleeping 6-7 hours through the night at 5 weeks and 5 days old. Up until last week,  I had to put myself on driving restrictions because I was just too groggy and sleep deprived to make good decisions when driving. In fact, with Presley, I never understood the whole sleep deprivation thing. Oh my, how that changed when I had you! Wow! But, we are doing much better now and it has made for a better and more patient mommy!

You are a social bug. Um, completely opposite of Presley. You don’t mind loud noises or being the center of attention….definitely taking after your daddy! You love people and will give anyone and everyone a smile on cue….well, except daddy. ha! I am able to take you to Mops and Bible Study without any hesitation or problem at all. You sit quietly, watching everyone around you. If I need you to sleep, no problem,  I just plop you on the floor and you fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I think all of the noise is soothing to you. Presley doesn’t like change, you don’t like consistency….spontaneous is my middle name so I am sure we are going to have LOTS of fun together ;o) leaving daddy and Presley at home.

These first 6 weeks have been a complete joy. Your delivery was so special and I would love to write it down one day when I am ready. 😉 God was present throughout the entire day and it was evident in every situation that arose. I find myself in awe of you and sometimes can not believe that you are really here with us. All of the pain and heartache that we dealt with is just a distant memory now….all that is left is a changed heart. I walk with less fear and more hope ;o)

Presley A.dores you. The one thing I focused on and longed for throughout your pregnancy was the opportunity to see you and Presley interact together. I can honestly say, it is nothing less than heartfelt love. She can’t take her eyes off you; and you can’t take your eyes off her. On September 9th, she got the first smile and the first “goo.”  I try to be ok with this, but it is a little bitter sweet for me. ;o) My greatest desire was to provide Presley with a sister and in His faithfulness…He provided. I know what it’s like growing up with sisters…a blessing beyond words. I wanted the same for Presley. It’s what my heart longed for. It is such a joy watching the love and bond between the two of you.  I pray that God will develop your relationship into one that is full of Him.


2 thoughts on “6 Weeks and the Joy of Hope

  1. Karin Larsen

    Love this! God’s promises are so truly faithful! What a spectacular treat to see the fruition of His work in your family!


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