Presley’s First Day of Preschool 3s

Presley started Preschool yesterday. Yeah! I have missed having a set routine during the day and I think the routine of being back in school will be a huge blessing for Presley. She has a WONDERFUL teacher who used to teach 3rd grade and I just love her. She is a perfect fit for Presley and I just can’t wait to see all that she will be doing this year! I am a huge fan of the curriculum that the preschool uses and I know I will see a lot of growth in Presley throughout the year. There were no tears the first day of school when I dropped her off, but she did have tears throughout the day during transition times….quite common for my little one. Presley’s teacher talked with me after school and told me of a little technique she came up with to help Presley during these transitions….it worked wonders  ;o) Did I mention that I LOVE her teacher. ;o) Presley was also excited that she came home with a “warm fuzzy”- an idea her teacher got from Pinterest that I also fell in love with when I saw it. Click the link if you are intrigued Quiet Critter/Warm Fuzzy  We are looking forward to a great year in Preschool 3.

“I’m a big girl”


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