Hope’s Nursery

Several months after my mom passed away, I remember sitting on the floor in the formal dining room of the house I grew up in sifting through all of my mom’s “stuff.” My sisters and I were somewhat reasonable, but we all had “things” we wanted that were special to us. My mom loved nic-nacs and she had many collections so it wasn’t too difficult to split things up. My little sister, Sara, claimed the snowman collection. My older sister, Elizabeth, claimed the Noah’s Ark Collection which she later used in both of her boys nurseries. And I  claimed the Sheep and Bunny collections. I distinctly remember Elizabeth stating, “I want her Noah’s Ark collection in case I have a boy someday.” I thought this was a good idea so I made my choices betting on the fact that I might have girls one day. After that day I packed them away in a box labeled, “mom’s stuff.” I carried this box with me from house to house. Then, the day came ;o) when I found out that Presley was a girl. I was so excited to get out all of the bunny stuff I had saved for over 12 years and decorate her room.

I felt the same way when I found out the Hope was a girl….as I knew she would be. ;o) Just a few weeks ago, I got out the box that held all of the sheep and hearts I had planned on using for the past 15 years. I had a little bit of a harder time getting everything to come together in Hope’s room because so many ideas were running through my mind….thanks to Pinterest! But, I kept coming back to my mom’s “stuff” and really felt a tug at my heart to just stick with it. Using her things in the girl’s rooms is my way of incorporating a little piece of my mom into their lives from the very beginning. The colors of the nursery aren’t your typical “girly” colors, but they aren’t exactly boyish decorations either. I used mostly neutral colors with a splash of mustard yellow, country blue, grayish green, and pink.

Changing station

The cross was given to me by my dear friend Stacy….it has my mom’s verse on it ;0) Prov. 3:5-6. The 3 Sheep were a Christmas gift from my Aunt Mary from a few years ago.

The little lamb rocker, the heart frame, and the heart puzzle are all from my mom’s collection. I have always loved the quote in the frame… “The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.”

Everything here is from my mom’s collection, as well. ;o) I put it above the glider…where I am soon to spend most of time at. Ha!

my friends and family did a wonderful job at helping me add those extra special pinterest touches. ;o)

My friend, Heather, came up for a visit about a month ago and helped me make Hope’s canvas name above her bed. The bedding is the neutral sweet lambie collection from PBK.

My sweet friend, Jacque, from our Hometeam made this wonderful poster for me with Hope’s verse on it. ;o)

My sister in law made the cute canvas with the great quote on it. ;o)

About a year ago, I made the Hope scrapbook page that contains all of my favorite verses about hope on it. I did this to help me keep my focus after a very difficult year….I finally got to print it off. 😉 I glued it to a 12×12 canvas and wrapped it with ribbon.


One thought on “Hope’s Nursery

  1. Karin Larsen

    So sweet! What a treasure! I love all the personal touches – I remember the sheep rocker from your house growing up! And that Zeph. verse is beautiful – what a testimony for little Hope Abigail!


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