4th of July 2012

We had a great 4th of July weekend….a little interesting, but good memories. Our church had a carnival and fireworks. I had just had my little transient episode the week before so I was told by my doctors to stay out of the sun and heat for the rest of my pregnancy. It actually hasn’t been a bad summer, quite mild ;o)  However, the week of July 4th we had some triple digit heat days. The carnival at church started right after the Saturday night service and so it was still a little hot at 7:30. I stayed close to our air conditioned car while Joey and Presley enjoyed their time outside. As soon as the sun went down the weather was nice and we were able to enjoy the fireworks as a family. Presley is really funny. She LOVES fireworks, but she always has to put her hands over her ears for the first few minutes. The beginning *booms* always startle her. :o)


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