Father’s Day 2012

We had a very laid back and relaxing Father’s Day. We went to lunch with Nana and PoPo, and then came back to our house for some swim time. It was nice to just relax and hang out by the pool….especially with everything that has been going on with this pregnancy, but that’s another post for another day. I decided to make all of the Father’s Day gifts this year and of course it all came from Pinterest. Right now I have orders to stay off of my feet as much as possible so making gifts for loved ones, and homemade crafts for Hope’s room is really the only thing I can do sitting down. Plus, it keeps my mind off things. ;o) I am so extremely grateful for Joey and all that he has had (and continues) to deal with concerning my pregnancy and all of the restrictions that have come along with it. He has had to do so much and I know it is probably taking it’s tole on him. He is such a great husband and dad ;o) Presley and I are beyond lucky to have him and we love him very much….I especially love him for getting a cleaning service to come in twice a month. ;o)

A few pinterest gifts for father’s day….

Jar of Peanut M&Ms “To my slightly nutty but sweet PoPo”

Jar filled with Reese’s Pieces “daddy, i just love you to pieces”

My sweet friend, Brandie, helped Presley make a card for her daddy during a play date one afternoon “No one measures up to my dad”  ;o)

We made Joey’s Grandad a big card with Presley’s hand prints on it that said, “You are the  worlds best granddad, Hands Down”

I made Joey a father’s day questionnaire. I wasn’t sure Presley would be able to answer the questions, but she did and her responses were quite ridiculous.

And for Nana’s birthday Presley helped me make a Canvas picture that said, “What happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s”   It’s one of my favorite Pinterest ideas because it actually involves the child.


One thought on “Father’s Day 2012

  1. Karin Larsen

    So cute! Love all those ideas!!
    BTW, when you have time, not that this means any time soon (STAY OFF YOUR FEET!), I’d love to see some pics of that gorgeous kitchen I see behind the pics of the father’s day gifts…looks beautiful!


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