Mother’s Day 2012 and Our 8th Anniversary

Mother’s Day was perfect!  We went to Nana and PoPo’s for the afternoon and spent the day outside. Presley loved playing with her PoPo and made up a fun little game of running across the deck into his arms every few minutes.  It was a very relaxing day…for me, that is! ;o) ha!

Presley and I made flower pots for both Nana Burda and Great Grandma Erwin.

On Tuesday, a few days after Mother’s Day, Joey and I celebrated 8 years of marriage! Wow, how time flies! Joey bought me a pedicure with all of the perks and it was absolutely fabulous! It was a bit pricey so it was a combo anniversary/mother’s day gift….I just can’t seem to get away from those double gifts! ;o) The weekend before our anniversary, Sara took Presley for the evening and so Joey and I were able to Relax and spend some time together A.lone. ;o)  We are a planning another weekend getaway (or should I say “staycation” ) before baby Hope arrives!


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