Easter Fun!

We had a great Easter weekend and we were so happy that Grandpa was able to come up for a little visit!  Saturday we went fishing at a pond nearby, played at the park, then back home for lunch, and to dye eggs. After the kids took their naps we headed over to our house for an early Easter dinner. The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday, but Sunday was overcast and rainy all day…so we were fortunate we celebrated Easter a little early!


Fishing with my daddy

caught one!!!  ;o) Mmmmmwwwaaaa…..ick!

Caught another! Uh oh, the hook got stuck ;-(

Decorating Eggs

This little girl is a stinker! She doesn’t like her picture taken so she refuses to smile….until I make her laugh ;o) ha!

The Hunt is on!

Reid was quite the serious egg hunter! Grant just followed around his big brother eating all of the jelly beans from the eggs Reid left behind for him ;o) lol.

Presley was surprised she found an egg! ha! She was very content with her 5 eggs ;o)


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