Gardening: failures, challenges, and successes

My gardening adventure is going ok. There has been some successes and a few failures. One thing I didn’t realize, until after we bought and planted herbs, is that we already had an entire herb garden on the side of our house. The funny thing? We pass by this garden every day when we walk from the kitchen to the garage. lol. In our defense, the garden had been covered in weeds, leaves, and nastiness since November so it wasn’t easy to see all of the beautiful herbs growing until Joey started cleaning the area. It was actually the beautiful aroma that all of the herbs gave off that clued us in. ;o) There are still several herbs that I haven’t been able to pin-point so who knows what will show up in my cooking dishes!

Here are some of my failures, challenges, and successes. ;o)

I planted 3 strawberry plants: One is doing beautifully, one is being eaten alive by caterpillars, and one has 1 of 3 diseases (leaf blight, leaf scorch, or leaf spot). I decided to just chunk it because it’s a fairly new plant that I planted in an old container I found in the backyard…I also used icky soil because we used all of our compost soil.

My cabbage is growing beautifully. However, today as I was outside, I spotted a lonely green caterpillar munching away on one of the leaves ;-/ which I assume is a cabbage looper. ick!  My green onions are growing great ;o) and with little effort. My 2 tomato plants are growing, but they are having their leaves eaten alive by little caterpillars too. grrr… Any advice on how to manage caterpillars would be much appreciated.

AND My one success so far is my green bell pepper plant ;o) and of course, it’s the plant I have given the least amount of attention to. Basically, I just threw it in the ground and let it grow.


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