Big Girl Bed and Real Conversations

Presley will be 3 years old in one month! Yikes!  Over the weekend we converted her toddler bed into a regular sized “big girl bed.” Presley doesn’t like change so we really “played it up” that she was getting her “big girl bed.” She was so excited when the time finally came.

Once we put the bed together Joey and I were surprised at how HIGH off the ground it was. I am still convinced that either, A-the directions were a misprint, or B- the manufacturers made a mistake when building the bed rails. However, I kind of liked the fact that we could fit stuff underneath the bed for extra storage. ;o)

Anyhow, Joey and I failed to get Presley bed rails because we couldn’t find any that fit right.    I made the mistake of thinking that I could just pile a bunch of pillows around her to keep her from rolling off until we found adequate bed rails that fit. Well, this morning at 4 am I woke up to a loud bang, thud, followed by an ear piercing cry. Presley fell off the bed! Luckily, she fell on top of one of her pillows!

When I walked in the room to get her she looked up at me and said, “mommy, I fell off my big gorl bed.” …poor thing! While I was putting her back to bed, I lay down next to her for a few minutes and she began to talk with me. It was a conversation initiated by her which lead to her asking me questions….we were holding a real conversation! A few minutes after our conversation ended I went back into my room and let her sleep the rest of the night in her bed by herself.

Presley has a lovey that she has slept with since she was a newborn. It is a little white bear she refers to as “bear bear.” This thing is disgusting! I wash it all of the time, but it still looks awful! Anyway, every day when I pick her up from school she tells me about her day and then tells me that she can’t wait to tell bear bear…….AND when she gets home, she does exactly that, she runs into her room grabs bear bear off her bed and tells him ALL about her day.

Anyhow,  after she fell off the bed I overheard her talking to bear bear on the monitor. She says this….

“bear bear, I fell off my big girl bed and mommy had to sweep wit me. We talked about everyting! I had fun “bear bear” We talked about…..” and then she went on to tell him everything we talked about.

Be still my heart! So sweet and I am sure I can look forward to many more days of “real conversations” in the future….proof that she is growing up. ;o) I just hope she always finds it “fun”  ;o) lol.


One thought on “Big Girl Bed and Real Conversations

  1. Karin Larsen

    Love Bear Bear! How precious! Nathan has Bear-y that he has had since he was born, and he makes me hug and kiss him at night…they will grow out of it someday, but until then, what a joy to watch their imaginations!!!


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