My First Garden

This weekend my dad, Jean, Joey, and I got outside to do some spring cleaning…of the yard, that is. My dad and Joey cut down a few trees and my step-mom pulled weeds all afternoon.  Presley and I got out a bunch of containers and started planting. We planted strawberries, peppers, mint, and rosemary in separate containers and  planted basil, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes in the raised beds. We have lots of critters running around outside in the evenings so I planted things that were considered “pest control plants” and “plant buddies” in the raised beds to make an attempt at keeping the rabbits away.  I totally over-planted, but I figure the more I plant the better off I will be….surely I will be able to get at least ONE of these things to grow! Ha! ;o)

the previous owner grew sweet potatoes in this container and was very successful so she left it here for us ;o)


2 thoughts on “My First Garden

  1. Karin Larsen

    So jealous! I wish I had room for some raised beds! I’ll have to make due with my container gardening, but I’m looking at some dwarf trees for indoors – like a dwarf lemon! Good luck! You’ll get that green thumb eventually!


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