Valentine Tidbits

We had so much fun this Valentine’s Day. I’m not usually a “big” Valentine’s person…..I’m not sure why, but this year felt different.  I’ve always had a problem with this day because I always think to myself, “shouldn’t we take the opportunity every day to express love to those we are closest to? Why do we just take one day a year to do that?” However, if you think about it, we could say that about every holiday that we celebrate.
For the past month our church has been doing a series on marriage. It has really been eye-opening and a great lead into Valentine’s Day. I would say that Joey and I have a great marriage, but of course, just like every one we struggle with some things too. I have been very convicted the last couple of weeks because there are times when I feel like I am constantly noticing the things that my sweet husband is NOT doing and I let him know it. Let’s be real for a moment, there is SO much that Joey does around the house. He does the laundry, the yard work, the floors, and lately he has even helped out with the dishes as I tend to be a baby the first trimester. lol. However, for some reason, I can always pick out what he has not done. Why do I do this? ugggg….
Anyhow, I came across a blog a few weeks ago that had a wonderful post addressing this very issue….apparently, I’m not the only one who struggles in this area. ha! The blogger had a great idea of keeping an “appreciation log” …. She says that “Taking a moment to recognize the small things that may often go overlooked helps keep negativity at bay in any relationship. It challenges you to become observant and really pay attention in order to come up with something new every day.”
I thought it was a wonderful idea so I pinned it and then stole it! ;o)I created note cards instead of a journal. I modpodged 2 boxes, put our names on them, printed a verse out for the front of it, and then wrote on the back, “it’s been noted.” I must admit that it has been very good for me. I am not good at expressing my thanks and sometimes I will forget so having these little cards right at my fingertips helps me to commit to saying it. Works for me at least ;o)
Presley’s Valentine’s party at school this year was also lots of fun.  There were so many cute ideas for Valentine’s Day on pinterest and it was so fun seeing all of the mom’s valentine’s ideas and craftiness in the classroom!
Here are the links to all of the blogs that I got all of the ideas from in the pictures above……don’t want to get in trouble for “stealing” anyone’s thunder ;o)

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