Scrapbook Retreat

A few weeks ago I went to a scrapbooking retreat down the road in Roanoke with my little sister and her friends. It was the same place we went to this past September. I love the town of Roanoke and find it so quaint and cute. The restaurants are delicious and they have several cute boutiques to shop at. One of my favorite little boutiques is a place called, “The Plaid Peacock” where I got Presley the cutest little dress. She wasn’t too thrilled with my choice when I showed it to her ;o) she says to me, “I don’t wike it! No, I don’t.”  The child has an opinion about everything!
While I was on my scrapbooking retreat, Joey and Presley had fun hanging out all weekend. They had a dinner date, visited the Grapevine Aquarium, and went swimming at Lifetime Fitness where they have an indoor pool. After the retreat, Joey picked me up for an afternoon date day ;o) We went shopping, had lunch, and then saw a movie ;o) We saw War Horse and it was great!


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