Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

A few days ago we took Presley to the Ft.Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It was lots of fun and she really enjoyed it. She loves animals and so she was in heaven! She loved the petting zoo and hugged on all of the animals. I’ve always thought to myself, “if I am ever unable to provide a sibling for Presley then I could probably just fill our lives with a ton of animals and she would be perfectly happy.” lol. I grew up loving animals and so did Joey so there’s no question as to why she has this love for animals. Even as I write this post, Presley is playing in her room with Goose. She treats most animals as friends….real and stuffed!

There was also a huge carnival at the Rodeo, but the noise and lights were a bit overwhelming for Presley….sensory overload. She wasn’t too interested in riding any rides except for the train and carousel. At the end of the day we decided to take her on the big Ferris Wheel. It was her first time to ride one and she loved it! However, by the end of the ride we realized that she was running a fever so we headed home.


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