Christmas 2011

This Christmas we stayed here in Dallas and spent the day with Joey’s family. We also acted as the local pet shelter for family members ;o) It was lots of fun having Sadie and Chrystal dog join us for the week….Presley especially liked it. I wish I could say Goose was more than thrilled to have company, but he ended up staying in our room for the good part of the week. ;o( I think he was more jealous than anything. Let’s just say, Joey fell in love with a four-legged red headed beauty. ha! Christmas morning was really quiet. It was just me, Presley, and Joey so it was nice to have a bit of family time together. Presley was excited about opening gifts this year and loved unwrapping all of them by herself. I must admit, I allowed for lots of practice the 24 days before Christmas by doing a book advent with her… idea I got off pinterest. She was a pro at unwrapping gifts by the time Christmas Day rolled around. It was also nice to do an advent where I didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. It’s amazing how many books you can collect over a period of time when you are teaching….but I’m not complaining ;o) I LOVE children’s books! In the afternoon we headed to Joey’s folk’s house and had a delicious dinner! Presley was thrilled to see her cousin, Cooper. They had fun opening up more gifts and playing with play-dough.

Presley’s favorite gift was her little jumper’s trampoline. I know, the excitement is written all over her face. ;o) She tells me that she doesn’t want to take pictures anymore and this is pretty much her way of making that very clear. If she sees the camera out she automatically frowns for the rest of the day….or until I put the camera away.

Presley was scared of dolls for the longest time, but just within the past few months she has become very interested in babies and baby dolls. She treats them as if they are her own. ;o)
Playing play-dough and fun games with Cooper.

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