Colorado Winter

A few weeks ago we went to Broomfield, Colorado to visit my Grandparents. The weather was very nice…cold and sunny. :o) It snowed a lot a few days before we got there so there was still a lot of snow on the ground. The first day we were there we headed up to the mountains in Estes Park where we did some sledding. We went in the middle of the week so it was not busy at all….only one other family there who had a little boy Presley’s age and a 5 month old.On Thursday, my dad and Jean came in town so we just hung out at home and played in the snow in the backyard. Joey had lots of fun making Presley a snow slide, and Nana Jean had lots of fun making snow angels. lol.

Friday, we headed up to Keystone to do some tubing. However, once we got there we were told that the tubing area was not recommended for children under 4. I was so looking forward to tubing because this place looked unbelievably awesome! Take a look here!!! How fun does that look! AND you don’t even have to carry your tube to the top of the hill ;o) Anyhow, we were a little disappointed at first, but then I gave my friend, Melissa a call who lives about 15 minutes from Keystone in Breckenridge. So, we headed over to her new house. We had a great time walking around town and eating lunch with Meese and Carl. Melissa took us to the local sledding hill in town and it was lots of fun! It was a much faster hill than the one in Estes so Presley had to ride down with Joey the whole time. After a little sledding, we headed over to the gondola in town and rode to the top of the mountain. Presley wasn’t too sure of the gondola at first, but she loved it once she got used to it. We went to the ski area, had a snack, and watched the local skiers. We also showed Presley all of the little kids in ski school. She was so fascinated and couldn’t stop talking about it.

On Saturday, my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Vaughn came up from the farm to visit and celebrate my Grandparent’s anniversary. Their anniversary was the day before and everyone went out to lunch to celebrate their 66 years of marriage! What an amazing example they are!

Presley dressed up my grandma’s glass dog and then took pictures of it with my iphone….crazy girl!


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