Pumpkin Patch

Presley and I went to a lovely pumpkin patch on Monday with Sara, Brian, and the boys. We had a great time. There was a little drama surrounding the entire event and if you would like to read about it then you can click here and get the scoop on Sara’s blog. ;o) I will just add one thing………..

After Sara and the boys left the pumpkin patch things started to run rather smoothly. ha! All of the rides were going, they had 3 horses up and running for the pony rides, and they opened up the petting zoo of 3 goats and 2 pigs. lol. However, when I say that all of the rides were going ;o) it was because we (the parents) were given the right to start and stop the rides whenever we wanted while the 80 year old man running the rides was off in the porta potty. ;o) And really, we just took the initiative to start and stop the rides after realizing that all of the kids were looking a bit cross-eyed from going round-and-round for 10 minutes straight. Can I get a woo-woo!

round and round we go ;o) when we’ll stop, nobody knows…

Presley is very proud of the fact that she DOES NOT cry at preschool anymore. She tells everyone and anyone who will listen……including this 2 ft donkey. I had it on film, but all you can hear is the wind rushing by. She left the above conversation with a nice compliment to the donkey informing him that, “donkey, you have big ears.”

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