Joey and I have been a little stressed (aughhh) to say the least. Selling our house has become quite the chore….and working with our buyers (both sets) has been a little overwhelming at times too. I guess I have been MIA because I have gotten several emails from several friends asking if I am alright or if I am pregnant??? They told me that they were worried because they haven’t seen me on facebook lately or seen very many blogs from me. lol. I guess I go MIA when I am pregnant????? Just so you know, I am not pregnant and everything is perfectly fine. We are just up to our eyeballs in boxes and trying to move! I also have not done a very good job of keeping people “in the know” about my personal life. So…….I thought I would do a very quick run down of what has gone on in the last 30 days.

We put our house on the market after finding a house we liked that we put an offer on.
We got outbid on the house we were interested in and decided to keep our house on the market to “see what would happen.”
We got an offer on our house 7 days after putting it on the market, but had a foundation scare and so the buyer pulled out.
Joey and I had a professional come in and look at the foundation and got confirmation that everything is completely fine with our house and it’s foundation.
11 days after our first buyer pulled out of the contract we got another buyer. We have gone through all of the inspection and everything is good!
We close on our house October 31st.
We will be moving into a house on an acre of land with a pool in Copper Canyon….about 5 miles north of where we are at now. :o) Yeah, fun times!


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