“I Not Brave”

Yesterday I took Presley to get her flu shot. Ever since Presley had stitches….woops, back up! Yes, last summer Presley busted her lip open at swim lessons and we had to take her to the emergency room to get stitches. The entire experience was quite disturbing to me. I didn’t facebook it or blog about it because it was all too much for me. Not something I want to remember. It wasn’t the stitches that bothered me. It was the fact that they drugged her up and medicated her beyond anything I had ever seen. Just bringing it up makes me queasy. Anyhow, she is completely healed now, but has a scar….hopefully that will go away in time.

….Ever since Presley had stitches she is terrified of going to the doctor. She still talks about getting stitches and I am pretty sure she remembers it. I had stitches when I was 2 1/2 and again when I was 3. These two experiences are some of my earliest memories. I have found that, with Presley, it is better to prepare her and to tell her exactly what is going to happen. As soon as we walked into the Dr’s office they called us back to the clinic area where they were giving flu shots. We sat down in one of the open rooms and I began to explain to her that she was going to get a shot, it was going to hurt, would be over soon, and that she was brave. As soon as the nurse walked in with the needle in her hand Presley started crying and screaming, “I not brave, I not brave, I not brave.” Oh brother…….;-/ The nurses in the check out area peaked around the corner to see who was making all of the noise and when they saw that it was a 2 year old they started laughing. Presley was less than amused. As we were checking out Presley looked at all of the nurses and started yelling “I NOT crying, I NOT crying….” Then she proceeded to explain to them about her shot. It was a lot of babble with a long pause ;o) Upset that no one responded to her she looked at the checkout lady and then said, “I got a shot in my leg, it hurt.” The nurses looked at her and said, “oh, but you were so brave! You get a sticker.” So, for the entire ride home Presley continued to repeat to herself, “I AM brave! I got a sticker.” (accent on the AM)


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