Sweet “P” Goes to Preschool

Today was Presley’s first day of Pre-school ;o) and she did really well….no tears, no crying, and no accidents! Wahoo! I am so proud of this little girl. ;o) For about the past week she has really come out of her shell. Her separation anxiety has stopped about as quick as it started…..and how thankful I am because it’s been a long time coming.
Don’t get me wrong, she still likes her space. She doesn’t like to be hugged on or held unless she is in the mood to be…she is this way even with me and Joey. She likes to feel in control of things and invading her space is somewhat intimidating to her.

She got embarrassed after I started laughing at her because of the way she was smiling

After her day at school today she got in the car and started telling me ALL about it. Although, I had no idea what she was talking about. ;o) It is very hard to be on the “other side” of this school thing. I much prefer being on the “teacher” side of things. I can’t imagine not ever going back to teaching! It is so funny being on the other side of things now that I am a mom. I totally “get it” now and would probably sympathize a little more with “those parents” who used to drive me crazy…but whom I always loved and adored. ;o) lol. Knowledge is wealth, and so I am very thankful that I have been on the inside of things in regards to the Texas public school system. One of the reasons I quit teaching a year early was because of all the politics behind the scene……but that’s another blog. ;o)The one thing I do know is that it’s usually all about the teacher and I feel like Presley got the best teacher in the world. ;o) She is very sweet and calming…..just what Presley needs. Here’s a funny thing, Presley is surrounded by boys all of the time. All of her cousins are boys and most of my Dallas friends ALL have boys. The only little girls she ever plays with are in San Antonio where all of my friends have little girls! Thankfully, our Hometeam has quite a few girl/boy households. ;o)  Presley has 8 kids in her pre-school class and all of them are girls except for 2 little boys. Love it! It is crazy how things like that happen. My last year of teaching I had 22 students…..15 boys and 7 girls. I am still convinced that that was the real reason I quit. ha! 
One thing I have realized is that Presley absolutely loves to learn.  Joey gets upset with me sometimes because I tend to make assumptions and observe Presley with a teaching mind rather than a parent mind…..all of you parents who were once teachers know exactly what I’m talking about. lol. From a teacher’s perspective I would say, “give me a child who loves learning and I’ll show you a child who excels in all areas of life.”  As a parent, my greatest desire is for Presley to have a love of learning and fostering that love of learning is one of the most important things that I can do as a parent.


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