Fear Creeps Back In

I had an eye appointment yesterday and everything looks good. Although, the blind spot in my right eye has not and probably will not go away I still feel completely content and happy with the way things are. ;o)
I have an appointment at the end of September with my OB and hopefully will be given the clearance to start trying again. There are still some things that I will have to decide on and so I am praying for God’s direction. Prayers are always appreciated ;o) Here’s the nitty gritty of it…..
Because I had a retinal occlusion (blod clot) in my eye I am immediately put on the “high risk” pregnancy list…..again.
My bloodwork came back negative for having any bloodclotting disorders.
However, this is where things get a little complicated….

According to my OB and Perintologist: “pregnant women always have a greater risk of clotting during pregnancy because that is what your body is made to do. It is constantly clotting. However, some pregnant women are more likely than others to develop a clot during pregnancy. Right now we are just thankful that it was a clot in your eye rather than your heart, lung, or brain. A blood clot of any kind is considered high risk and is considered very serious. So, for that reason we will want to put you on lovenox (a blood thinner taken through injection once a day) the day you find out your pregnant to 6 weeks post-partum.”

According to my Retinal Specialist: “I usually see 1 case a year similar to yours. You just happened to be that lucky one this year. Progesterone (especially artificial hormones…which is what I was on when I had the blood clot) can cause blood clots in the eye. Although, it is very rare, it can happen. Usually when this happens we take you off the Progesterone. However, we can’t tell you for sure if it was the artificial hormone of progesterone that caused the blood clot or the fact that your body produces an increased amount of pregesterone during pregnancy. The problem is is that your body will continue to produce progesterone throughout your pregnancy so for that reason you could be at risk for having another blood clot. As far as being on lovenox….there’s no evidence to show that it decreases the risk factors of having another retinal occlusion. Having a retinal occlusion does not mean you are at a higher risk of having another blod clot somewhere else in your body.”

So, there ya have it…..nothing is black and white and Joey and I have no idea what to do. What I don’t want to happen is- I go on lovenox and because I don’t really need it it causes side effects: like issues with bleeding, placenta detachment, etc.
But then, I don’t want to make the decision to not go on it and then have another blood clot. Lovenox (and other blood thinners) prevent blood clots so it’s better to go on it BEFORE the blood clot happens, not after.

Can you see that little word fear creeping in on me now that my dr’s appoinment is right around the corner??? It was so nice to take a break from thinking about it.

Perfect timing from a perfect facebook friend ;o) She posted this link on her status today ;o)


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