Sold Sign in Our Front Yard

Long story short…..February 2010 Joey found a house that he loved in Lantana (right down the road from us). We decided to call up a friend who just happened to be a realtor to see if she would show it to us. We loved it, but felt it was not a good investment or the right time. So, we decided to wait a bit. We continued to keep our eyes open and just look.

Fast forward to last January when we found out I was expecting. We started looking more aggresively, but then life happened and our circumstances changed when we lost the baby. June came around and I found several houses that I just fell in love with… by one they fell off the market with offers pending. We have always been told that we need to have at least 3 houses lined up that we like because our house would sell within 30 days. We were happy to hear this, but we weren’t too sure it would actually happen.

Last Thursday we found a house two blocks away from us that we fell in love with! We were the first ones to see it before it even went live on the market. All at once, within one day, we put an offer on the house and put a sign in our front yard. However, the house we wanted had someone come in and offer over the asking price so we were pushed aside. So….last Monday, we made the decision to keep our house on the market and trust that God had/has a plan. After an exhausting week of 12 showings we had 2 offers on our house yesterday morning. One of the offers was too good to pass up! The good news? We wont be closing until October 31st so that still gives us 2 months to find something ;o) If we don’t find a house we love then we will just have to rent…….*sigh*


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