First Movie

Wee took Presley to her first movie, Winnie the Pooh, last weekend and she loved it! For the past 2 weeks she has been talking about “Pooh Bear, E-wore, Pigwet, and Tigger.” I prepped her for several days about what we were going to be doing….she doesn’t like surprises. ;o) I knew she could sit still and be attentive for about 45 minutes….give or take a few minutes. So I made sure we got there about 10 minutes late to miss the previews. She sat on Joey’s lap for the first 45 minutes and then the last 20 minutes she started to get antsy so we plopped her in her own chair. Thankfully, the movie had a lot of singing in it so it drew her back in every time she started to loose interest. We took her to the 10:05 showing after her breakfast and potty time, but right before her snack time. I brought a bag of Trix and some Yogurt Melts and that seemed to suit her well. She loves Trix….thanks to Grandma Axtell! ;o)

Some Trix for my Flick…….

When we first walked in the movie Presley hid her face in Joey’s shoulder because she was scared of the THX demo that was playing on the screen… was pretty freaky looking. ;-/ However, after a few minutes of seeing Pooh Bear she was all good. She was really cute at first, talking about Pooh Bear and asking Joey questions about the movie. Of course, we seemed to pick the quietest movie theater in town ;-/ so we redirected her the first 5 minutes and then she was quiet the rest of the time……I am sure the Trix had a little something to do with that! We had a great time!


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