USA Volleyball Nationals

the team in 2010

The USA Volleyball Nationals were in Dallas this year. ;o) Yeah! Joey and his team, Team Next, did fairly well for a bunch of 30+ old men. lol. They got 7th place this year. There has been lots of marriages and babies born within the last few years so this was the first time back at Nationals since 2007. Also, the team doesn’t play, but 4 times a year now so they did great getting 7th place.
Volleyball has always been a huge part of Joey’s life….especially when we first started dating. He used to play indoor and outdoor volleyball. I don’t think there was ever a weekend that he was not playing….which provided me with a lot of down time. I think I would rather be playing!
Thankfully, he just plays indoor now! The guys did a great job playing and Joey played awesome! I love it when he does that. ;o) I was hoping for a repeat in the finals like they had in Austin in 2007, but it didn’t happen this year….maybe next year boys!


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